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NeuroLinguistic Programming

  • What is NLP?
    NLP is the exciting study and growing awareness of how our minds are structuring our experiences, thoughts and memories. NLP Practioners help people become aware of their particular structures and show them how to manage them in order to get the results they desire.


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Jan Prince is a certified NeuroLinguistic Programming Master (NLP), executive coach, psychotherapist, and communication trainer who has provided personal coaching, conflict management, meeting facilitation, and interpersonal communication training to individuals and international corporations since 1983.

She has helped people identify personal and professional goals, shared the strategies needed to achieve success and overcome obstacles.

She has worked in Finland and the U.S. and her book, From the Inside Out - Building a Healthy Identity, is published in English, Finnish, and German.

To contact Jan email her at
or call: 720-231-1000